Complete Management Software


  • Step 1. Enter Attendees

  • Step 2. Enter Items

  • Step 3. Enter Bids

  • Step 4. Print Invoices


Complete user-friendly, our software allows quick and easy path to a successful checkout with customized bid sheets, invoices and reports.

All data can be manually input into database or imported from Excel.

All bid sheets, catalogs, award certificates are created as Word documents allowing unlimited editing and formatting. Over 30 templates are provided and you can create your own.

Totallly integrated with our new book, "The Winning Bidder Is.." a 100-page guide to a successful closing.

Combine our software with PayStation for complete credit card processing using your credit card company, either manually or with batch transfer.


AuctionCheckoutPro is only


Complete with no annual fees or updates.

FREE SESSION: Software for Your Auction

Download a 40 minute presentation detailing the use of AuctionCheckoutPro and PayStation. Learn how Excel can be used and how the program prepares customized bid sheets and invoices. The easiest to use and least expensive auction management software on the market with no annual fees.

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